Pradyun Narkadamilli
Hi! I'm Pradyun!

I'm a Senior at Dougherty Valley High School (currently toiling through the drole of college applications). I'm passionate about making things for the sake of making things - be that as a solution, a hobby, or else.

I'm a jack-of-all-trades, in the sense that I'm proficient with both hardware and software. While my hardware experience is primarily centered around the implementation and programming of microcontrollers, my software experience is more well-rounded.

About Me
  • I compete in VEX Robotics, on Team 3304R
  • I've organized LaunchHacks, DVHacks II/III, and ProHacks
  • I was a national winner of the 2020 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow - Learn more here!
  • I have a degree-equivalent certification in Telugu (2015)
  • I've attended over 10 hackathons since early 2019. Learn more here.
Contact Me

I love meeting new people! Want to talk 1 on 1? Feel free to reach out to me at or hit up my discord at pradyun#9732.

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